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"I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort—and disappointment and perseverance."

- Vincent Van Gogh (via nypl)

(via steam-cream)

If I could have it back
All the time that we wasted
I’d only waste it again
If I could have it back
You know I would love to waste it again
Waste it again and again and again


Over thinking… since 1989.
Over thinking… in honor of our moms back pains. 
Over thinking… because they won’t control us.
Over thinking… because some can’t.

Dis my shit…. I’m trying to figure out how to sample it now

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Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)
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My jam for tonight

Sometimes I break my own heart just for the sake of growth.

Kid Cudi - Troubled Boy

I feel like Kid Cudis music and my thoughts are connected some how.

Powerful Eyes in Anime

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Sometimes I think I’m supposed to cry more. I think that in trying to be what they tell me to be, I’m slowing or maybe even stopping myself from growing.